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Although the majority of our funding comes from Government sources, EPC also relies on community fundraising, bequests and donations to maintain the wide array of free* services and programs we provide to clients, care givers and families.

Your donation will go towards supporting our important work. Fundraising and donation income is distributed by the CEO to the area that has the most need at that time, based on the current clients.

This includes services for our clients such as: home visits by specialist palliative care nurses and family support workers, 24 hour on call nursing support, GP Liaison, symptom management, Occupational Therapy and our extensive in-home volunteer support program.

It also includes services for both clients, family members, carers and bereaved carers: counselling, pastoral care, massage, music therapy, and a range of bereavement support programs.

*All of our services are provided free-of-charge, aside from equipment delivery and some of our professional training.

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One-Off Donation

Regular donations

Regular donations are a way you can make sure you support the work of EPC year round.  EPC values regular donations as it assists us with budgeting and forecasting.

You can set up a regular donation:

  • Online 
  • On the donation form 
  • calling 1300 130 813


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We partner with companies to deepen the impact of our work in the community. We form multi- faceted partnerships that provide value to you and to EPC. They can include workplace giving or consumer facing campaigns. Partnerships help us to reach a wider audience making it more likely that clients are referred into our care earlier which can increase their quality of life.