Palliative Care Trained Volunteers

  • Fully trained and supported
  • Free for clients/carers
  • Carer Support

EPC Volunteers

Enriching Lives with Everyday Acts of Kindness

EPC volunteers are a group of dedicated people who make a difference to our clients and their families every single day.

They are accepted into our client’s homes at a time of huge vulnerability.

All this work happens during business hours – Monday – Friday and volunteers need to use their own cars to get to their client’s homes.

We value our strong team of volunteers and provide full training (one day per week for 9 weeks every February/March), ongoing support and mentoring.

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  • Volunteering Testimonials

    You have such a “knack” of making each one feel they’re special and they’re in your mind… you do make the time to be there for us all and encourage us…you bring out the best in us…you’ve a talent for making us feel we’ve done something special.

    Keith (EPC vol)
  • Volunteering Testimonials

    I love my involvement with EPC and look forward to my next client… you are to be congratulated on the support you extend to each and every one of us.

    Dianne (EPC vol)
  • Volunteering Testimonials

    Wow! What a difference I hear in the voice and experience of my clients, since they have had a volunteer assigned to them.

    EPC staff member